What is this all about?

A simple blog from an tech interested, degenerated, forever alone internet lurker who sits all the time in front of his chappy, dirty pc. Do not try to feed me!

I will write about anything that my mind is gobbling about. Often I have very unpopular and unhealthy opinions on things. There will be no fact checking in place, so expect a lot of stupid stuff. Imagine it like Twitter but with no limit in characters.

Yes I will be salty. Yes I’m boring, depressed, have no friends and lack of anything social. Don’t expect much out of it :)

Because english is not my first language expect a lot and I really mean A LOT of errors.

How long will you keep doing this?

As long as I can keep get me motivated for it.

I need something to imagine the person who is writing all this nonsense.

There you go:

TODO: insert something badly sketched picture of myself