Amazon Prime Days


The Amazon Prime days are running again from 11th to 12th october I think? And again days beforehand I filled my basket with some stuff I could really need if there was a good discount. But of course all the interesting items wasn’t discounted at all or are only down on 3%. I don’t get it. It’s every year the same.

I still remember as Amazon did the “Prime only Deals” the first time. It was not only really special but truly interesting because the really good stuff was always discounted and easy to find. Damn I almost got broke on these days. Now I’m always dissapointed every year. Everything I see thats really good on discount its only the very high priced stuff like TVs. And there are always still high priced after discounts.

Other stuff is mostly useless and cheap junk. It is also pretty tiredsom to scroll through the articles only to see clothing (a lot!), cheap electronic junk (some no-name webcams for example) or generic computer accessoires like “mousepads”. Let’s be honest, who needs in 2022 still a mousepad?

For me it looks like the Prime Days are only there to “cheap” look something valuable into your expensive Prime subscription. In reality it feels like any other red sign printed “discount” visible on any regular store. It’s so obvious they want to lure customers in, that you had learned to ignore the red, sometimes blinky, signs when taking a walk downtown. Sadly it is the same with Amazon nowadays.