Badly Timed


It’s always the same. My few family members that I have are only communicating with me if they want something.

My landlord is my father and I live in an appartment in this house. If there is something todo where THEY or a handyworker is coming they don’t tell me anything beforehand and I’m supprised when they stand infront on my doorstep and demanding access. Of course they need it immediately. It’s not that I had other plans for that day and I’m always happy to sit around, wait for them to finish and leave 😒

And if they send me a text beforehand it is always only 1 hour till they arrive.

I don’t say “No” anymore because then “Me” the bad guy and they get mad. I hate that mindset “Don’t have time for us? Your Problem.”

It wouldn’t be an issue after all if they would be like a family interested in anything in me as a person. There is no smalltalk, no catchup in any personal events. That is by far my biggest issue.

I did infact try to make a connection with them in the past. It turned pretty awfull and since then I try to keep it low profile with my interests in their lives.

Sadly I get the feeling I’m not a family member. Time to get away from all that as soon as possible. This relatsionship is not healthy on the longterm.


Yes, I’m sitting here writing this because it happened again 😶