Tiny PC and Debian


I always wanted to have some sort of Linux desktop for productive / intense usage. All my servers are running debian but that is different from a day-to-life desktop workstation.

I tried serveral times by setting up a virtual machine with debian as desktop which I RDP (from windows ofc) into. But it never clicked. Sure I could have gone to dual booting, but my disk space is limited. Also Windows Update mechanism is like a pyschopath and could go rogue any time.

Then I saw something interesting on Amazon lately. Used refurbished tiny PCs from Lenovo. Especially the M93p. Cheap + small form factor and some decent hardware for simple tasks. I though to myself why not? I needed something that distracts me after work anyway. I know that these tiny PCs with Windows as main OS wouldn’t be very fun (laggy, long boot times, RAM usage, […]) so I have to use Linux on these.

Man I did not believe how much fun it is. To my own suprise I still use it a lot and way more then my gaming Windows PC. It is sitting right under my monitor! Hooked up on the same sound system and using the same keyboard / mouse (via USB-3 switch) as my gaming system. So if I want to game I can simply fire up windows. And if not I stay on Linux.

Bonus points: I will learn more about debian and find very intesting stuff I did not know before.